20 Feelings and Emotions Related to Anger: Description and Physical Sensations

20 common emotions/feelings related to the primary emotion of anger, along with a general description and how they might feel in the body:

Emotion/FeelingGeneral DescriptionBody Sensation
AggravatedFeeling irritated, annoyed or frustrated.Tense muscles, clenched jaw, shallow breathing.
AngerA strong feeling of displeasure, often resulting from a perceived injustice or wrongdoing.Rapid heart rate, sweating, tension in muscles.
AnnoyedFeeling slightly irritated or bothered.Tense muscles, increased heart rate.
BetrayedFeeling deeply hurt and let down by someone close.Tightness in chest, racing thoughts, stomach churning.
BitterFeeling resentful or angry due to disappointment or unfair treatment.Tense muscles, racing thoughts, loss of appetite.
EnragedA powerful and intense feeling of anger.Rapid heartbeat, flushed skin, shaking, tension in muscles.
FrustratedFeeling blocked or thwarted in one’s efforts to achieve a goal.Tightness in chest, shallow breathing, tension in muscles.
FuriousFeeling extremely angry and out of control.Rapid heartbeat, sweating, difficulty concentrating.
HostileFeeling antagonistic or unfriendly towards others.Tense muscles, raised voice, clenched jaw.
HatefulFeeling intense dislike or animosity towards someone or something.Rapid heartbeat, tension in muscles, clenched fists.
ImpatientFeeling annoyed or irritated when something takes longer than expected.Racing thoughts, fidgeting, increased heart rate.
IndignantFeeling angry or annoyed due to perceived unfair treatment or disrespect.Tightness in chest, clenched jaw, rapid heartbeat.
InfuriatedFeeling intense anger and rage.Rapid heartbeat, trembling, tense muscles.
IrateFeeling extremely angry and frustrated.Flushed skin, raised voice, clenched fists.
IrritatedFeeling mildly annoyed or bothered.Tense muscles, shallow breathing, increased heart rate.
LividFeeling extremely angry, often to the point of irrationality.Rapid heartbeat, sweating, shaking.
OutragedFeeling a deep sense of anger and indignation.Tightness in chest, raised voice, racing thoughts.
ResentfulFeeling bitter or indignant towards someone or something due to a perceived wrong.Tightness in chest, racing thoughts, tension in muscles.
SeethingFeeling extreme anger and rage bubbling just below the surface.Flushed skin, rapid heartbeat, shaking.
VengefulFeeling a desire for revenge or retribution.Racing thoughts, clenched fists, tense muscles.

Note: The physical sensations listed are general and may vary from person to person. They are not intended to be a definitive list, but rather a starting point for understanding how emotions can be felt in the body.