8 Mental Grounding Techniques

Remember to focus on your breath as you simultaneously do these exercises

  • Tune into your surroundings. Start naming objects that you see and describe it in detail (color, texture, shape)
  • Focus your mind on a category and name as many as you can. (animals, cars, TV shows, musicians, authors, famous people, cities, etc.)
  • Focus and describe an everyday activity in as many details as you can. (doing laundry-sorting clothes, putting in washing machine, adding detergent, closing cover, turning on, loading clothes into dryer, turning on, folding clothes)
  • Visualize a pleasant and comforting image in your minds eye. (Use all your senses to make it real )
  • Pick up a book and slowly read a paragraph word for word and then focus on each word and read each letter backwards.
  • Count to 100 slowly as you visualize each number in your mind’s eye.
  • Play a memory game with yourself (shut your eyes and describe your surroundings).
  • Do some mental math (time tables or adding numbers, etc.)