20 Feelings and Emotions Related to Fear: Description and Physical Sensations

20 common emotions/feelings related to the primary emotion of fear, along with a general description and how they might feel in the body:

Emotion/FeelingDescriptionBody Sensation
AfraidFeeling fearful or scared about somethingIncreased heart rate, shallow breathing, sweating
AgitatedFeeling anxious or restlessRapid heartbeat, trembling, muscle tension
AnxiousFeeling worried or uneasy about somethingButterflies in stomach, rapid breathing, tense muscles
ApprehensiveFeeling uneasy or fearful about something that may happenTightness in chest, rapid heartbeat, clammy hands
DreadFeeling extreme fear or apprehension about something unpleasantChurning stomach, sweating, shaking
FrightenedFeeling intense fear or panicRacing heartbeat, trembling, sweating
HesitantFeeling uncertain or hesitant about somethingButterflies in stomach, tightness in chest, racing thoughts
InsecureFeeling uncertain or lacking in confidenceButterflies in stomach, rapid breathing, tense muscles
NervousFeeling uneasy or worried about somethingSweating, shaking, rapid heartbeat
PanickyFeeling overwhelming fear or panicRapid heartbeat, hyperventilation, trembling
PetrifiedFeeling completely paralyzed with fearNumbness, sweating, rapid heartbeat
ScaredFeeling afraid or frightenedIncreased heart rate, rapid breathing, trembling
ShakenFeeling upset or disturbed by somethingRacing thoughts, increased heart rate, tightness in chest
SpookedFeeling scared or unnerved by somethingRacing thoughts, rapid breathing, increased heart rate
StartledFeeling suddenly surprised or frightenedRacing heartbeat, quick breathing, muscle tension
TerrifiedFeeling extreme fear or dreadChills, rapid heartbeat, difficulty breathing
TimidFeeling lacking in confidence or courageButterflies in stomach, tense muscles, racing thoughts
UneasyFeeling uncomfortable or apprehensive about somethingSweating, churning stomach, racing thoughts
VulnerableFeeling exposed or unprotectedTightness in chest, rapid breathing, racing thoughts
WorriedFeeling anxious or troubled about somethingRacing thoughts, increased heart rate, sweating

Note: The physical sensations listed are general and may vary from person to person. They are not intended to be a definitive list, but rather a starting point for understanding how emotions can be felt in the body.