Transforming Pain Into Purpose

Welcome to Trauma Journals, through this website, I will bring together all the knowledge and understanding I have gained over the past thirty years to provide a comprehensive resource for those seeking healing and support from the side effects of traumatic experiences. My own quest for this knowledge and understanding has been a personal on-going journey for my own healing of PTSD caused by a series of drugging & violent traumas occurring when I was 24 years old.

Trauma is a fickle bitch and “just forget about it and move on,” has been the mantra from society at large, for far to long. To make matters worse, trauma was never recognized as causing any symptoms among the psychiatric community whose job is to diagnose and prescribe medications. It was only in 1980 that PTSD was added to the DSM. Treatment of trauma takes a very different approach than the standard protocol of “care” offered by mainstream Psychiatry. There is no magic pill to solve the problems of a traumatized mind.

Thankfully, many individuals working directly with their clients/patients, took note of the effects and would become pioneers in trauma research. Their work today is invaluable and without it, we would still be stuck in the dark ages of psychiatry with little understanding of traumatized minds and it’s resulting side effects.

Over the years, I became aware of my mind glitches and understood what was going on. However, I could not stop the cascading effects of triggers on some occasions.  It has only been in the past six years that I have been introduced to the neurobiology of the effects of trauma on the brain and the theories of trauma becoming stuck in the body. These have been the final keys that I needed to unlock the last pieces of my own traumatic experiences.

It’s been a long, winding and sometimes times terrifying healing journey. Today, I am close to the summit and know complete resolution is possible.

I will be sharing all that I can so you may find the information, understanding and modalities that will be helpful for your own resolution of personal traumatic experiences. Don’t ever lose hope that you can recover.

Be well on your healing journey,

Lyssa Roses